• A Systematic Approach to Exercise Rx

Why WebExercises?

Extensive Library:

Create programs selecting from over 3,000 exercises or use our condition based protocols. Or add your photos and video to create your own personalized exercise library.

Assessment Tools:

Our integration with Posture Screen Mobile app gives you digital posture assessment, motion capture analysis and body composition all in the palm of your hand.

Patient Education:

Patients will benefit from a clear understanding of their condition with our patient education handouts with the most common injuries.

More Effective for Healthcare Professionals

WebExercises® is designed by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals. This user-friendly system integrates seamlessly into all clinics with minimal training. WebExercises® is intuitive, affordable, and easy to implement in your clinic or facility without expensive hardware, licensing or implementation costs. HIPAA compliant documentation is generated in seconds or can be emailed to patients for greater efficiency and exercise adherence.

The Prescription Print page displays specific exercise recommendations including sets, repetitions, and frequency as instructed by the provider. A calendar/diary beginning with current date accompanies all exercises to keep patients on track.

More Effective for Patients

With the paperless email prescription feature, there’s no software for patients to buy or download. Patients can view their exercise prescription by accessing their email. For those who either don’t have or want to use a computer, they will receive all the benefits of WebExercises® following the personalized exercise handouts and calendar keeping them on track. Your patient’s satisfaction and their sense of being an individual with an injury, and not an injury with a name, will create referrals and increase productivity within clinics utilizing WebExercises®.

Drive more traffic to your website with the personalized login page. Patients and clients will login to their exercise program directly from your website. This will enhance your website and increase your visibility.
Boost your online presence by adding the “Exercise of the Day” to enhance and distinguish your website. This displays educational information for your visitors inspiring them to learn more.
Work smarter, not harder with template protocols. We know how busy you are, which is why we have over 60 clinically accepted template protocols for common conditions.
Bringing you the best content by continually updating our exercise library. You also have access to content from our partners including RockTape, TRX, BOSU, AIREX and more.

EHR Integrations


ChiroTouch combines electronic health records, billing, patient scheduling, outcomes assessments, and inventory management in a single, integrated suite. The EHR has custom templates for chiropractors, along with image management, dynamic SOAP notes, and real-time patient flow with room management capabilities. ChiroTouch’s billing application features eligibility inquiry, claim scrubbing, automated batch posting, DME billing, workers’ compensation billing, and other capabilities. The scheduling application has appointment reminders, room scheduling, patient messaging, and a patient portal. The entire system is HIPAA compliant.

After retiring from his chiropractic practice at the age of 37, Dr. Chris Tomshack went on to open three more successful practices, basing his business systems on his study of other industries. He decided to share those systems with other chiropractors through franchising, and launched the HealthSource Chiropractic and Progressive Rehab franchise program in 2006.

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