WebExercises + CBP Home Exercise Program

save time

Save Time

Utilize dozens of evidence based protocols.
increase patient adherence

Increase Patient Adherence

Provide exercise programs based on their individual needs.
improve outcomes

Improve Outcomes

Track and monitor patient progress to ensure success.
The Ideal Spine Health Center was tired of making copies of exercise sheets that were often hard to read, let alone be understood by our patients! Now we send them videos that show exactly what has to be done. It has made such a difference for my team and the ISHC patients!
Deed Harrison, DC WebExercises and Chiropractic Biophysics have partnered to offer the CBP Mirror Image® exercise library in an engaging way for your patients. No longer will your patients wonder how to perform the exercises you’ve prescribed once they leave your office. The CBP Mirror Image® library gives you the power to prescribe exercises with clear photos and videos narrated by Dr. Deed Harrison. This library also includes Pro-Lordotic, Denneroll traction instructions and functional training exercises. WebExercises allows you to monitor patient progress taking the guess work out of how your patient is doing with their home exercise program. You also have the ability to import your exercise prescription notes directly in to any EMR in seconds. The CBP Mirror Image® exercise library also sync’s with PostureScreen Mobile giving you access directly from the app. When you create an exercise program within PostureScreen Mobile the exercises will automatically be “pushed” into your WebExercises® account simplifying the management between these two programs. Your own exercises can also be sync’d to PostureScreen from Webexercises. The CBP Mirror Image® exercise library can also be purchased for only PostureScreen Mobile.

Exclusive CBP Mirror Image Content

  • Mirror Image Exercise Set Ups for all body regions
  • Denneroll Traction for Cervical and Thoracic
  • Pro-Lordotic for High, Mid and Lower Cervical Strengthening
  • CBP Functional Training Exercises
  • PostureScreen Sync with Auto Suggested Protocols
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WebExercises On The Go

Share exercise programs to any device and track progress through our mobile patient portal. Get real-time feedback on pain and a patients Rate of Perceived Exertion. Stop the guess-work and increase your patients’ accountability. Get Started

More Home Exercise Program Features

WebExercises® gives you total control to quickly and efficiently deliver clear and concise exercise programs. If you can’t find the right one, you can always add in your own content. You will also get access to My CE Courses featuring recorded webinars from the most forward thinking clinicians of the industry.
  • Evidence Based Exercise Programming
  • Share Exercise Rx Programs to Any Device
  • Patient Mobile version for Apple or Android
  • Real-Time Feedback Patient Portal
  • Add Your Own Exercises to PostureScreen Mobile
  • 3,500+ exercises including Specialty Libraries
  • Exclusive TRX, Theraband, RockTape content
  • Branded Exercise Handouts with Your Logo
  • Easily Record Exercise Rx notes to Any EMR
  • Time Saving Patient Education Handouts
  • Access to My CE Courses
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Thousands Of Exercises

Access the CBP library and over 3,500 clinically accepted exercises.

mirror image
Mirror Image
slastix mirror image
Slastix Mirror Image
functional training
Functional Training
basic rehanb
Basic Rehab
advanced rehanb
Advanced Rehab
foam rolling
Foam Rolling

Client Testimonials

jason jaeger

“WebExercises has been an integral part of our Unified Medical, Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Biophysics practice and patient interaction for year. It’s easy to use platform and sophisticated content is a must for any series health care provider.”

Jason O. Jaeger, DC, fCBP

jason miller

“The CBP suite of exercises within WebExercises is a brilliant pairing of two phenomenal services. With a few simple clicks you can easily send your patient professionally recorded videos demonstrating how to properly perform CBP mirror image exercises with instructions from non other than Dr. Deed Harrison himself! “

Jason Miller, DC

jason haas

“WebExercises is an integral and important part of our practice. Our physical therapy team is able to provide custom exercises for the patient’s individual needs. It’s an easy program to use and the pictures and descriptions are very patient friendly. I wholeheartedly recommend WebExercises for all of my colleagues!”

Jason W. Haas, DC

Trusted By Thousands of Healthcare Professionals Worldwide.

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