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save time

Save Time

Exclusive Kevin WIlk, DPT Shoulder and Knee Protocols to save time.

increase patient adherence

Increase Patient Adherence

Track and monitor patient progress to ensure success.

improve outcomes

Improve Outcome

Differentiate your practice. Deliver an engaging experience for your patients in seconds.

I was so tired of making copies of exercise sheets that were often hard to read, let alone be understood by our patients! Now we send them videos that show exactly what has to be done. It has made such a difference for me, my team, and my patients!

Kevin Wilk, DPT

WebExercises and Kevin Wilk, DPT have partnered to offer his rehabilitation protocols using the technology that will engage your patients. No longer will your patients and athletes wonder how to perform specific exercises the exercises to prescribe one they leave your office. No longer will you have to wonder if they are performing the exercise with the build it exercise tracking and feedback.

Use WebExercises to create exercises programs and share them with your patients. Build your own programs or use our pre-made clinically proven protocols for all major conditions. Video demonstration and progress tracking make the exercise programs engaging for your patients. Get instantaneous feedback on pain and program compliance to deliver outstanding care in-between visits.

Exclusive Kevin Wilk, DPT Rehab Protocols

  • ACL Proprioception & NM Control
  • Fundamental Shoulder Exercises
  • Quarterback Ten Exercises Program
  • Thrower’s Ten + 4 Exercise Program
  • Thrower’s Ten Program – Advanced

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WebExercises On The Go

Share Exercise programs to any device and track progress through our mobile patient portal. Get real-time feedback on pain and a patients Rate of Perceived Exertion. Stop the guess-work and increase your patients’ accountability.

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More Home Exercise Program Features

WebExercises® gives you total control to quickly and efficiently deliver clear and concise exercise programs. If you can’t find the right one, you can always add in your own content. You will also get access to WebExercise Academy Courses featuring recorded webinars from the most forward thinking clinicians of the industry.

  • Evidence Based Exercise Programming
  • Share Exercise Rx Programs to Any Device
  • Patient Mobile version for Apple or Android
  • Real-Time Feedback Patient Portal
  • Add Your Own Exercises to PostureScreen Mobile
  • 3,500+ exercises including Specialty Libraries
  • Exclusive TRX, Theraband, RockTape content
  • Branded Exercise Handouts with Your Logo
  • Easily Record Exercise Rx notes to Any EMR
  • Time Saving Patient Education Handouts
  • Access to Free Courses on WebExercises Academy

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Thousands Of Exercises

Access over 3,500 clinically accepted exercises choosing from a variety of libraries.

advanced rehab

Advanced Rehab



foam rolling

Foam Rolling

functional training

Functional Training




hand theraphy

Hand Therapy

basic rehanb

Basic Rehab

nerve glides

Nerve Glides





Client Testimonials

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stuart wilson

“WebExercises is awesome! It allows for my corrective exercises to be more effective, better instructions and communication, and it saves me time!”

Stuart Wilson, PT, MS, SFMA

naomi albertson

“WebExercises is an incredible asset to any practice and will help simplify musculoskeletal rehabilitation.”

Naomi Albertson, MD

jeff hopp

“WebExercises has been a great tool for our athletes. They can have very clear home exercise programs at their fingertips. It’s simple to use and effective.”

Jeff Hopp, ATC

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