Patient Education and Engagement

Patient Education & Engagement

Patient Education

Educate your patients with our condition handouts that include images, explanations, prevention strategies and more. Understanding their condition will help patients to stay motivated to stick to their exercise prescriptions and thus make them and you more successful.

Shoulder Injuries


Rotator Cuff injuries are one of the more common shoulder complaints. Appropriate rehabilitation and strengthening is necessary to return to full activity.

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Knee Injuries

ITB Syndrome is a common condition effecting the side of the knee. This problem can be corrected with appropriate strengthen of the leg muscles.

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Mobile Access

Share Exercise programs to any device and track their execution through our mobile patient portal. Get real-time feedback on pain, RPE and progress or regress your patients accordingly. Stop the guess-work and increase your patients’ accountability.

Mobile Exercise Program Access

Having the ability to access exercises anywhere, anyplace, anytime is essential to a patients success. Exercise programs can now be accessed on any device. The log-in to this mobile patient portal can be branded with your clinic logo, which the patient will see as an icon on their phone.

Record and Track Progress

Patients can enter sets and repetitions performed for each exercise and report if they experienced any pain or difficulties with the program. This will keep them accountable and create transparency of their work in-between visits. Their feedback will be reported back to you and show up on your Rx management dashboard.


Patient Engagement

Increase your online presence and engage your patients through social media. Share relevant content with one click through our business partner Amplified. Sign up for an account here.

Share to Social Media

Grow your online presence by sharing exercise content from our complementary social media library. This will help you reminding your patients stay active through short easy-to-do exercise videos that can help them improving posture or preventing injuries.

Engage Patients with Challenges

Utilize our resources to engage patients in easy fitness or wellness challenges and create awareness for physical activity in general and about how you can support your patients participating in such. This type of content can be an easy way of re-engaging patients that have not been with you for a while.