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Improve patient memory by 80%

We understand paper handouts have been an industry standard for exercise instruction, but they can confuse or even frustrate the patient. For something so essential to the patients’ success, we believe they deserve better than the status quo.

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Record and Track Progress

Help patients stay accountable in-between visits

Patients can enter sets and repetitions performed for each exercise and report if they experienced any pain or difficulties with the program. Their feedback will be reported back to you and show up on your Rx Management dashboard.

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Educate your patients

with our condition handouts

Our handouts include detailed info-graphics, explanations, prevention strategies and more. Understanding their own condition will help patients to stay motivated and to stick to their exercise prescription, thus giving you and your patient a higher rate of success.

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Engage Your Patients

Spark engagement with fitness challenges

Utilize our resources to engage patients in easy fitness challenges. Create awareness for physical activity with our health and wellness handouts. These resources can also be an easy way of re-engaging patients that have dropped out of care.

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How it Works

Create, track, and manage your patients all in one place.



Create exercise programs in seconds.


Share to any of your patients devices.


Track your patient's feedback and progress in real time.

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  • Evidence based exercise programming
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  • Branded exercise handouts with your logo
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  • Time saving patient education handouts
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Thousands Of Exercises

Access over 3,500 clinically accepted exercises choosing from a variety of libraries.

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