CBP Mirror Image Exercise Library

Chiropractic BioPhysics Mirror Image® Exercise Library

The CBP Mirror Image® exercise library gives you the power to prescribe exercises recommendations with clear photos and videos narrated by Dr. Deed Harrison. This library also includes Denneroll traction instructions and function training exercises for the CBP patient. With the new update patients and clients can now view their ExRx on the optimized mobile browser, which makes it simple to get access to their programs anywhere, anytime.

Choose either WebExercises Professional + CBP Mirror Image library or CBP Library for PostureScreen to get started today.

Exercise summaries can be printed and patients can log their sessions in their patient portal. The documentation generated will effectively communicate to your patient their postural faults.


WebExercises Professional + CBP

The Professional membership allows you to design exercise programs choosing 3500+ clinically approved exercises or to use our condition based template protocols, track your patients’ compliance, and access the patient engagement resources.

Users will also enjoy the integration between the PostureScreen Mobile app. When you create an exercise program within the PostureScreen app these exercises will automatically be “pushed” into your WebExercises® Professional simplifying the management between these two programs. This will allow you to progress your patient/client with more challenging exercises using WebExercises®. Your own exercises can also be sync’d to PostureScreen from WebExercises.

WebExercises + CBP features:

  • 3,500+ Exercise Library with Condition Specific Protocols
  • Instantly Share Exercise Rx to Any Mobile Device
  • Real-Time Feedback to Monitor Compliance
  • Record Exercise Rx Notes to Any EMR
  • Add Your Own Exercises to PostureScreen Mobile
  • Time Saving Patient Education Handouts
  • Branded Handouts and Web Portal with Your Logo
  • Exclusive TRX, Theraband, RockTape content
  • Unlimited Access to Educational Webinars
  • Loyalty Program Discounts and Benefits
  • Online CE Education (coming soon)

The bundled WebExercises + CBP library is available for $399.95 per year. CBP content also displays in PostureScreen Mobile with this price.